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Attaching your chainring to the crank arm: the best options for single chainring setup

Know some of the most important mounting options for ROTOR, if you want to change to a single oval chainring or not, or simply want to change the one you currently use.

Single chainring setup for MTB: choose the best combination

Single chainring for mountain bikes is common. It is the new standard. We will explain to you the options ROTOR has to help you choose your right setup.

Is Gravel riding for you and you did not know?

Have you ever stopped to think if you are riding the right bike? Yes, it may appear obvious, but for many of us, gravel can be the ideal modality. If you are one of the ones who rides a hardtail on wide tracks or goes out where the roads are in very bad conditions and rural areas, you may be more into gravel riding than you first thought…