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Gravel Bikes Vs. Cross Bikes: Five Main Differences

At first glance, cyclocross and gravel bikes look similar: like road bikes with two 700c wheels, knobby tires and drop handlebars. But if you take a closer look and test ride a few of each type of bike, you’ll see and feel some important differences.

5 Cycling Accessories to Improve Your Safety

In both mountain biking and road riding, your security is the most important factor to take into account. To be able to go out on a ride with the highest level of protection possible, having your bike in perfect condition is just not enough. There are some very simple items that can help us during an outing in the mountains or on the road. We will detail the 5 best things to carry with you on every outing.

The story of the first Grand Tour victory for ROTOR with Carlos Sastre

The 2008 Tour is the Carlos Sastre Tour. But it is also the ROTOR Tour. Ten years ago, when ROTOR was battling against the hegemony of the big brands, the CSC cyclist from Avila got the biggest success of his career whilst using Q rings. This is a story of how the faith, the desire to succeed and the effort of the cyclist and those who believed in ROTOR, achieved more than climbing to the top of the podium in the Champs-Elysees.

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