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How To Keep In Good Shape During The Winter

Depending on where you live, you can spend all winter pedaling if the weather is good enough, or you may be condemned to parking the bike for a couple of months. Don’t panic!!

Indoor Training Using a Powermeter

Indoor training is one of our best allies when winter comes. The turbo trainer is an option that although not too suitable to spend many hours a day on it, allows you to do quality workouts with a duration of around one or two hours long.

How To Maintain Your Bike Transmission In Winter

Winter. That time of the year, which, depending on where you live can mean a long time with only a few rides. In addition, water, salt, mud, and even snow, are elements that will make our transmission suffer more than usual. We will give you the best tips to prevent one of the most important parts of your bike from suffering more than it should.