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fecha20th September 2018

Precocity is not casual. That Mario Mola decided to start swimming at the age of 5 was almost an omen of what the Mallorcan athlete sponsored by ROTOR for almost 3 years, was to achieve in his career. At the age of 28, and between 2013 and 2018, he has won a total of 5 medals in the Triathlon world championships, including 3 gold medals in 2016, 2017 and 2018. Here we will find out what Mario is like as a person, about his bike and some inside details of what an elite athletes life is like.

During this year’s latest competition, the Triathlon World Series grand final, celebrated on the Australian Gold Coast, has made it clear that after a tremendous performance by Mario Mola, the Mallorcan is the clear dominator of the Triathlon World Series. 2018 has been impeccable in every aspect, and in addition of winning various gold medals in the previous races (Yokohama, Hamburg, Edmonton, Montreal and the Gold Coast), has achieved with the latter in Australia, his third consecutive gold medal in the Triathlon World Series.

Asked about the importance of Q RINGS in the reach of his 3rd World Title, Mario aswered: “I’ve been using Oval Q RINGS for over 6 seasons and for me there is no better option. From the beginning I had fantastic sensations with them, feeling that I could apply the force optimally and this always translated into greater performance on both wheels. Since I compete with the ROTOR Q RINGS, not only has my bike performance improved, but I feel that I am able to keep my muscles in fresher condition to complete the transition to the final run. It has undoubtedly allowed me to run at my best level and fight to be ahead in more competitions.”

Mario Mola was born in Palma de Mallorca in 1990. 1,78cm tall, weighs 60kg and as well as being a ROTOR sponsored athlete also belongs to the Red Bull platform. His story starts with his initiation in swimming at the age of 5, he then entered his first triathlon competition in his home territory at 15, placing 3rd overall, where the Athens Olympic athlete Xavier Llobet took the win. This led him to debut with the national team a year later, in 2006 in his age category. Mario Mola won the first Triathlon Championship for Spain in the junior category, as well as a World Duatlon sub-championship and a European Triathlon sub-championship, all of them in 2009 and still in the junior category.

2011 was the start of his breakthrough; he sealed a place on the Olympic team in the London Olympics in 2012, where he placed nineteenth. He repeated the Olympic theme in Rio 2016 where he managed to achieve a tremendous eighth place. Mario Mola’s idyll with the World Championships started in 2013 where he finished third in London to later on achieve a medal in all of the consecutive years; Silver in both Edmonton 2014 and Chicago 2015. The Gold medals started to appear in 2016 in Cozumel, and in Rotterdam 2017. Without doubt the gold in Cozumel was one of his career highlights, due to the incredibly tight finish battled out between him and his rival Jonny Brownlee, who succumbed to the intense heat in the finals and lost to Mario. Currently, after winning the gold medal in the Gold Coast, Mario completed his triplet of gold medals whilst being the clear dominator in the category since 2016.

In addition to having a large media following, largely due to being sponsored by Red Bull, and a variety of other first class brands, Mario has been working closely with ROTOR for the last 3 years, using the Q rings and the 2INpower power meter. Mario is using BH bikes to compete this year, the model chosen is the G7 Pro painted in the colours of the World Champion. The G7 is the flagship model from BH, weighing in at just 840 grs in the medium size frame, and sporting beautiful aerodynamic details. Mario appears in one of the latest media videos by ROTOR. The athlete explains he normally uses the Q rings in the position 3 (third in the five OCP positions) “I found I was very comfortable from the beginning in the position 3, I haven’t noticed any discomfort or inconvenience in this position. I use 52-36 when competing, this allows me to have enough ratio during climbs and enough cadence to not lose rhythm, and with the 52-11 gearing, you really have enough ratio to get past almost all obstacles”

As well as using the Q rings, Mario Mola uses the ROTOR 11 speed UNO cassette (Mario combines this with Shimano transmission) that has a 11-28 ratio and an extraordinary weight of 135 grams. The UNO cassette is built using a combination of high strength steel and aluminium.

Mario started using Q rings after being advised by an experienced runner who had been running them for a number of years, he had commented then they benefited him at the start of the running section making for an easier transition. In addition to Q rings, Mario also uses the 2INpower cranks with built in power meter which allows him to analyse the power output and cadence of each leg separately and with much more detail without having to use any add on devices.

As for the preparation and motivation that the Mallorcan athlete needs for his long and hard training, Mario told us; “The preparation is obviously focused on continuing to improve, so that everything accomplished in the coming years, will hopefully serve us to achieve the best possible conditions for the next Tokyo 2020 Olympics, but at the same time we have more short term objectives in sight, basically because I believe that this is the best way to keep the body and more importantly, the mind, healthy.”

Without a doubt, it is an honour for ROTOR to have an athlete like him who is as committed to his training as to the technical means he uses to get the maximum out of his time on the bike. We are confident that his success will not stop here and that he will continue to be linked to ROTOR products for many years.

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