Our Opportunity For Self-Improvement

autorRotor Bike Components
fecha1st April 2020

It’s time to develop our inner pro cyclist

We live in a time of changes, challenges, and reflection. It’s a time when we look at our lives and wonder what we can make better, while everything changes around us.

Here at ROTOR, we’ve decided to use this time to focus on self-improvement. We value our health and loved ones above all else, but we also treasure our time on the bike. Since we can only manage health & family in certain ways, we want to help our customers take control of the final piece by improving the value of their indoor cycling, as we pass through this time.

The Shelter in Place protocol has forced our normal group rides to online platforms. ROTOR offers power meters that connect to every platform so we can ride with our friends, then seamlessly transition back to outdoors when it is accessible to us again. 

All ROTOR power products, 2INpower, INpower and the much-lauded INspider, allow you to connect to Zwift and other e-training programs to virtually ride with your friends on any trainer. While you ride, our proprietary software allows you to analyze your pedal stroke and fine-tune the efficiency of your technique with small biomechanical changes that will carry over into your time outdoors.

In order to support our customers as we move through these challenging times, we are bringing back our FREE CHAINRINGS WITH POWER METER PURCHASE promotion. Indoors or outside, we want you to pedal like a pro!

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