VALLADOLID (July 19, 2015) Pablo Rodríguez (MMR Factory Racing) scored the U23 Spanish national cross-country title today in a race that was all but sorted from the start. Rodríguez took the lead within the first meter and kept stretching it throughout the five subsequent laps of the 4.2 km racecourse.

Course features included leg-busting climbs — some of which were easier to run than ride, and technical descents demanding that Rodríguez stay alert or suffer crashing due to one wrong move. INpower REX 1.1 together with a QX1 chainring were part of the winning campaign; by using INpower’s data, Rodríguez knew how much wattage he could stomp out without blowing up, and he was aware of where we could ease up on the pedals to conserve energy and still maintain the lead.

His QX1 single chainring would lighten the load on his MMR rig plus give him better traction on climbs and quicker acceleration when exiting sharp curves. In commanding style, Rodríguez finished nearly six minutes ahead of second place, Roberto Bou.


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