Carlos Coloma

“When I ride my bike I feel free”


“Hi, my name is Carlos Coloma. I’m a professional cross-country mountain bike racer. I was born on September 28, 1981 in Albelda de Iregua, Spain and my friends call me Coloma or “Colo”. I´m good to my friends, and I’m very congenial with those around me. I´m 1.71m (5’6″) tall and I weigh 65kg. (143lbs.).

For me cross-country is beautiful, exciting and agonizing; when I ride my bike I feel free. My special talent is my skill on the bike, and my philosophy in life is to enjoy each moment. The most important people in my life are my family.

When I was a child my dream was to be a professional mountain bike rider, now my dream is to win the Olympic Games. My favorite food is spaghetti carbonara and my favorite drink is a cold beer. I´m passionate about cars and their velocity, and I also enjoy listening to every kind of music.

I train around 20 hours weekly and crank out more than 15,000kms (9,375 miles) annually. ROTOR and especially their Q-Rings give me an extra advantage. 

Honestly and with the heart on my sleeve, I can only say good things about ROTOR, it´s an important partner for me. Thanks to the lightest power meter for off-road riding, now training is more fun.”


  • Spanish MTB Championship, 2016
  • Olympic Games, London 2012
  • World Champion Team Relay
  • World Cups podiums
  • 2nd Junior World Championships XCO
  • 6 times winner of Spain Cup GC
  • 2nd U23 European Championships XCO





Hi, my name is Carlos ColomaI´m a professional cross-country mountain bike racer. I was born on September 28, 1981 in Albelda de Iregua, Spain