Team Vorarlberg Santic
“Cycling is teamwork. And as a team, we conquer not only stages, but also our own limits!”


The team Vorarlberg Santic was founded in 1999 as an elite team for young, hopeful cyclists. In the years 2006 to 2010, the team was already engaged in international cycling in the second highest category „Pro Continental“ – the return to the big platform of cycling is our clear goal for the near future!

The squad for the 2019 season consists of 15 mostly young riders, with high performance potential. The professionals come from Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Luxembourg and Spain. They know only one direction “Fast, together and successfully to ride a bike and win!“

Hi, we are 
a Pro-Cycling Team from Austria.
The team has been one of the most successful German 
teams for many years. We are currently starting in the UCI Europe Tour
in many countries, but also in races in Asia!