The managing board of ROTOR GROUP, a company dedicated to manufacturing cycling components, is responsible for and has committed to creating and maintaining a Quality Management System based on the UNE-EN ISO 9001:2015 standard for the manufacturing and assembly of bicycle components.

The Company declares that quality is a fixed objective for all its products and establishes this quality policy, which is a frame of reference for establishing a yearly plan based on contextual and environmental analysis, which will be performed annually and commits to the following:

• To meet both legal requirements and our customers’ expectations.We will increase customer satisfaction by focusing on our processes and products; by being firmly committed to our clients, and by establishing a strategic priority to increase their satisfaction.

• To train our staff as fundamental to our level of quality. Staff members will not only be responsible for executing quality work; they will be expected to adhere to our quality policy in all the activities of the ROTOR GROUP.

• To support our employees and vendors in the improvement of our Quality Management System.

• To lead with a spirit of continuous improvement for our processes and products, and to exceed our customers’ expectations and satisfaction.

• To control, monitor and evaluate all suppliers that have a direct impact on the quality of our products and on the services we provide. To constantly re-evaluate them to make sure they maintain our standards or, in the instance of a failure in quality, we may need to cease our business agreements.

This policy is part of the strategy of the ROTOR GROUP, whose quality objectives are to occupy a position of greater recognition in its sector, and to obtain the satisfaction of its customers. This policy constitutes a frame of reference for establishing and reviewing the objectives and goals set for quality.

This policy is available to all interested parties both externally through our website, as well as internally, where it has been communicated to all persons working for our Group, or on behalf of it, and who and accept the responsibility to comply with it and enforce it to all personnel in their charge.


Publication day: September 23, 2021