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fecha14th October 2022

The beginning of October brought the long-awaited IRONMAN World Championships in the paradise island of Hawaii, specifically in Kona.

The distances in this demanding event consisted of a 3.86 km open water swim, 180 km cycling and 42.2 km running (the same distance as a full marathon).

The women’s race was held on October 6, starting with the swim, with times of around 50 minutes and an hour of effort before starting the bike course.

The bike race changed the order of the race, as Daniela Ryf, one of the ROTOR athletes, made up more than 7 minutes lost in the swim. With this comeback she managed to obtain the best time of the entire race in the cycling section, with a time of 4 hours 36 minutes.

Daniela for this special occasion opted for the most aerodynamic and lightest cranks with power meter from ROTOR ➡︎

Another of the ROTOR athletes who took advantage of the bike leg to make a comeback. Germany’s Anne Haug climbed up the rankings to sixth. Finally, in the run race, she again demonstrated her veteran and great performance, finishing third with a final time at the finish line of 8 hours and 42 minutes. Anne was one of the athletes who best managed her efforts according to the experts.

Haug is a very meticulous and detailed athlete, who follows the current trends of the most reputable biomechanics. That’s why she carries a 155mm cranks in her training and competition. It is one of the first athletes who began to reduce the crank length and demand this size. Until now, ROTOR only had this crank length available in the ALDHU (aluminum) model.

Observing this trend and market demand, ROTOR wants to be one of the pioneer brands in offering the highest quality components in this uncommon size, so at the beginning of November, the brand’s lightest cranks, the ALDHU Carbon in 155mm, will start to be sold on the official website.

Two ROTOR athletes made it into the final TOP 10, Anne Haug 3rd and Daniela Ryf 8th. Another ROTOR athlete who finished the race was Susie Cheetam in 11th position.

The women’s race had 32 classified athletes, of which more than 30% of the participation had ROTOR components on their bikes.

As for the men’s race, it was not the best day for the two representatives of the brand in the IRONMAN world championships. Matt Trautman finished 22nd and David McNamee was unable to finish the race.

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