Road bike groupsets – everything you need to know

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fecha8th August 2019

Choosing the right groupset for our bike is one of the main challenges of setting up our bike build. Since it is a vital decision, at ROTOR we have endeavoured to develop one of the best road groupsets on the market.

What is a groupset?

A groupset is the collection of bicycle components that, as manufacturers, we put at your disposal so you can have the perfect bike. In other words, it includes the main components of your bike that make up the transmission system.


ROTOR’s groupset components are designed so that you can customise it according to your bike and the terrain you want to ride. Our groupsets include:

  1.   Rear derailleur.
  2.   Shifter.
  3.   Disc brake.
  4.   1x chainring.
  5.   Cranks.
  6.   13s cassette.
  7.   Chain.
  8.   13s hubs.
  9.   Wheels.

ROTOR 1×13 Road Groupset

And so we come to ROTOR’s new 1×13 Road Groupset. With this road groupset, you no longer need to change between chainrings thanks to the fact that we have a single chainring combined with 13-speed cassettes. This is important because traditional groupsets are configured under the 2×11 = 14 system, which only offers a 14-speed effective gear range requiring chainring changes.

Having a single chainring, no front [R1] derailleur and the possibility of installing the cables inside almost any road bike improves your aerodynamics.

We started working on the new 1×13 groupset with the goal of achieving a lighter design. Thanks to CNC (computer numerical control), we have created a groupset with a total weight of 1.785 kg. Along with this, we integrated the indexing mechanism in the rear derailleur, lowering the centre of gravity of the bike to improve performance.

Finally, we worked to improve reliability by introducing a fully watertight 1×13 Pulse Hydraulics system so that nothing can interfere with your ROTOR groupset. By eliminating the front derailleur, we avoid issues with the chain at high-intensity moments, and the Magura brake system provides better regulation, more safety and more power.

Compatible 1×12 groupsets

From our very beginnings, at ROTOR we have been committed to achieving compatibility between components. With this in mind, we created the 1×12 Groupset, which are the entry point to our 1×13 platform without having to change you current 10s/11s hubs and wheels. 

This means you’ll achieve a range equivalent to 2×11 but without having to change your chainrings and with a lighter build. You’ll also be able to upgrade to 13 speeds simply by pressing the Limit Bolt button on the rear derailleur, with no need for additional parts or accessories.

Road groupsets by discipline

No matter which option you choose, the 1×13 or 1×12 groupset, we have a configuration to suit your two-wheel discipline. So, these are the configurations we recommend at ROTOR for your 1×13 groupset according to discipline

  •  Racing: 48/10-36
  •  Gran Fondo: 46/10-39
  •  Cyclosportive: 44/10-39
  •  Gravel: 42/10-46
  •  Cyclocross: 42/10-36

However, you can always configure your ROTOR 1×13 groupset to increase range and improve performance with fewer components. 

For the ROTOR 1×12 groupset we recommend the following configurations:

  •  Racing: 54/11-39
  •  Gran Fondo: 52/11-39
  • Cyclosportive: 50/11-46
  • Gravel: 46/11-52
  • Cyclocross: 50/11-4

If you want to be among the first to enjoy the ROTOR 1×13 groupset, come and take your training to the next level.