ROTOR Q RINGS: Only For Pros?

autorRotor Bike Components
fecha2nd January 2019

Does using the technology used by professionals make you a better rider? Definitely. The current technology is tried and tested by professionals with the maximum demand so that when it comes to you, everything works perfectly. This is the case with the ROTOR Q rings; tested and used by the most experienced cyclists, so that the most passionate cyclists can improve our performance with the best guarantees.

Competition cycling is the most extreme test you can imagine. All products are subjected to the most intense tests and when they reach the final consumer they arrive with the most spectacular guarantees of use. If you have ever seen professional cyclists in action, you can imagine how the components suffer from very high wear. On the other hand, you might think that since you’re not a professional cyclist you may not have to use the same as them, right? Not at all, the current market allows recreational cyclists or those who train and are in good shape, to be able to use components that not only help improve performance, but also help us to take more care of our body and to make our training more satisfactory.

And in this sense, the use of the ROTOR Q rings are something that can be very useful and not only will they give you that bit of ‘extra’ performance, but it will help your workouts to not overload the muscles too much.

Advantages of Q rings

Q rings have many associated advantages. The oval chainrings will allow you to have a higher cadence rate, with which muscle wasting will be lower by avoiding those pedaling points (which exist to a greater extent in conventional round plates) where muscle power rises without this being felt reflected in a higher speed or better performance in wattage. In addition, thanks to the fact that more fluid pedaling avoids those peaks of muscular and joint tension, they will relieve you if you are prone to have discomfort in the knees or hips. It is as simple as when the cadence increases, the muscle expenditure is less by not having as much tension and the joints can perform the whole pedal cycle with ease. In addition and depending on the type of Q rings you use, in the case of those who come with OCP technology, you can rotate the rings themselves so that the maximum points of pedaling (greater ovalization) and the minimum (less ovalization) adjust to your pedaling preferences.

That is why the Q rings are optimized both for use by professionals and for any type of recreational cyclist. Thanks to its oval shape, the Q rings improve your performance by varying the points of resistance of the transmission in coordination with the moments of greater strength and weakness of your muscles during pedaling. By orienting the narrowest part of the platform to the weakest point of the pedal cycle and the widest to the point of greatest strength you can get all the power of the most productive part of the pedal cycle (while reducing the time spent in the less productive part).

Longevity and durability

Obviously, although helping to improve pedaling and performance are the objectives of ROTOR with the Q rings, the quality with which they are built and the use of the best materials (aluminium 7075 CNC), makes using them a guarantee of a remarkable longevity, as well as spectacular aesthetics and exclusivity. Rotor also gives you the option to use the Q rings with ROTOR cranks, as well as complete bottom bracket systems.

The compatibility of the ROTOR Q rings with their proprietary bottom bracket systems and other manufacturers’ designs is so high, that installing them on your bike will be easy, and if you have any questions or queries you can always contact us via our support section on our website, or visit one of our authorized dealers.