Buy a powermeter and get the chainrings for free  

This offer includes all ROTOR chainrings when you buy any ROTOR DIN road or MTB power meter: 2INpower Road, 2INpower MTB, 2INpower Track, INspider or INpower Road, INpower MTB.  

Offer applies to 1x or 2x chainrings per powermeter and is applicable within the same transaction and cannot be used on previous purchases. No modifications on online orders will be allowed on previous undelivered orders. 


Products included in the promotion:


All the chainrings and spiders compatible with the current ROTOR powermeters range.

This offer begins on April 1st, 2020 and ends on June 30th 2020 or until stock runs out.

If we run out of stock, we will communicate this information via all our communication channels. 

All purchases can be made in a store, selected online shops and 

For more information, please read the Terms and Conditions.


The world we live in has changed, and it in turn has changed us.

For passionate cyclists, our sport is more than a hobby, it’s a way of life. Now more than ever, we understand the importance of each pedal stroke, that everything happening on the bicycle gives us satisfaction and happiness, and each kilometer traveled has a more personal and profound meaning.

At ROTOR, we want to help you preserve this take-away from our troubled times.

Living our passion, expanding our physical capacities with training, and taking care of our health: these are some of the values ROTOR has promoted for many years and in this sense, we believe that our power meters offer a new universe of enjoyment in your day to day on the bike.

Cranks & chainrings are a primary part of the performance and aesthetic of any bicycle.

We are dedicated to developing the products at the pinnacle of cycling technology. Our range of chainrings and power meters are the gold standard, with designs that increase the aesthetic impact of all types of bicycles, while offering options tailored to specific athlete needs.

Our huge range of compatible chainrings are masterfully integrated with award-winning power meters; we want you to live that complete experience with us.

It’s for you, the cyclist, we offer complementary Q RINGS and round chainrings when purchasing the power meter of your choice.

Everyone has a reason to use power: maybe you’re a developing pro rider, and live and die by your data. Maybe you want to develop your pedal stroke efficiency to keep your body symmetrical and healthy. Maybe you simply want to track your progress as you improve fitness for your next fondo.

You will be able to get to know yourself better, accurately measure your evolution, correct errors and imbalances in pedaling, along with the opportunity to enhance your pedaling with Q RINGS.

Our mission is to create faster, stronger and more comfortable cyclists. Take advantage of this opportunity. It starts with power.

ROTOR’s market leading range of power meters allow you to evaluate your fitness in the most precise way and highlight where you can make essential improvements in your technique.


INpower® Technology

Pedal stroke improvement:

  • Optimize your pedaling biomechanics by viewing your pedaling technique

  • Improve the round shape of your pedal stroke by minimising the dead spots

  • Reduce the impact of negative force applied in your upstroke

ROTOR Power meters & Q RINGS®

ROTOR’s power meters are ideal to manage your pacing from the explosive pedal power of all terrains and cycling conditions for endurance and recovery riding of an epic marathon stage race.

Combine your power analysis with Q RINGS® oval chainrings to increase performance by reducing the impact of dead spots in the pedal rotation.



Q RINGS® Benefits

  • Faster acceleration and better traction on both tarmac and off-road surfaces

  • Less fatigue because you are using your muscles more efficiently