Team Qhubeka Assos, Eolo-Kometa and the ROTOR ALDHU Carbon Cranksets win 4 stages of the Giro 2021

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fecha31st May 2021

The professional cyclists are in the spotlight today. A Giro d’Italia ends, which has made us vibrate again with the best cyclists in the world. Among them, the teams sponsored by ROTOR, Team Qhubeka Assos and Eolo-Kometa, come home with 4 stage wins, Team Qhubeka Assos with 3 and Eolo-kometa with 1. Mauro Schmid, Giacomo Nizzolo and Victor Campenaerts from Team Qhubeka Assos and Lorenzo Fortunato from Eolo-Kometa, who have raced their ALDHU Carbon cranks to the top of the podium. It is with pride to see them succeed and with pride to see that our products are once again tested at the highest level for one more season.

In addition, this Giro 2021 has given us a few images to remember. Giacomo Nizzolo wore the ‘ciclamino jersey’ as the leader of the regularity during the 6th Stage of the Giro, after having finished 2nd in the stage the day before, repeating the 2nd place that he had also achieved in the second stage. Vincenzo Albanese del Eolo-Kometa had the honor of dressing in the ‘azzurra jersey’, positioning himself as the first leader of the mountain in this 2021 Giro. And another curious fact, of the 4 stages achieved, 3 of them were consecutive; stages 13, 14 and 15.

This is how they won

The Swiss Mauro Schmid of Team Qhubeka Assos, showed class and strength on stage 11 on the most complicated “sterrato”, with a stage that we will never forget. Many escapes, many small groups, and a lot of attacking. The next victory on stage 13 was taken by Italian Giacomo Nizzolo, also from Team Qhubeka Assos who took a super disputed sprint on the streets of Verona.

Stage 14 was for many of us the best moment of the Giro. Not only because of the stage win, but also because it was the first stage win for Eolo-Kometa and also on a peak as mythical as Zoncolán. Lorenzo Fortunato did not believe it when he raised his arms at the top. We hardly did either. The last stage achieved in this 2021 Giro, was stage 15, where Victor Campenaerts from Team Qhubeka Assos took his first victory in one of the big ones, on the pavé of the streets of Gorizia. Moments that remain forever in everyone’s memory.

ALDHU Carbon cranks; the chosen ones

During the 2021 Giro, both teams had chosen to use the new ROTOR ALDHU Carbon cranks presented last February. The ALDHU Carbon cranks (526 g – 170 mm with 50/34 round chainrings) represent a saving of up to 88 grams compared to the aluminum model, and this weight saving is accompanied by an increase in vertical and horizontal stiffness by 11% and 36.1% respectively.

This increased stiffness is key to the enormous power that professional cyclists transfer through the cranks, which is reflected in a more efficient pedaling to ensure that valuable watts are not lost in each cycle of the pedal stroke. Which is why the 30 mm axle of the ALDHU cranks is one of the most important parts, to avoid those losses of power and the imbalance of power between the right and left legs, something that we solve through Twin Leg technology.

Powermeter and Oval Chainrings

ALDHU Carbon cranks can be configured with Q RINGS® oval chainrings or conventional ones with direct DM fitment or the 4-arm spider with the OCP system, so you can regulate the efficiency of your Q RINGS® oval chainrings to the maximum. A spider that will allow you, in turn, to install the INspider powermeter.

The powermeter is an essential tool for professional cyclists, that is why the INspider spider with built-in power meter, measures the power from inside the spider itself, to display combined data from the left and right cranks, to accurately record power and cadence. In this way, teams can gather information from data as valuable as the TORQUE 360 system, the optimal chainring angle (OCA) and the recommendation of the optimal position of the chainring (OCP). Double chainrings with DM fitment are made of a single CNC piece of aluminum. Regarding the crank lengths, they are available in; 165, 170, 172.5 and 175 mm. The price of the ROTOR ALDHU Carbon cranks is € 389, crank arms only, to which you will have to add the bottom bracket and the chainring or chainrings of your choice.

After the Giro d’Italia 2021, it is time to think about the next big one, such as the Tour de France. The place where ROTOR began to write its own love story with the yellow jersey in 2008. For the Tour de France 2021, Team Qhubeka Assos will have the honor of fighting again for the triumph of stages or who knows, maybe something more…

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