The 5 unforgettable moments of Carlos Coloma’s career

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fecha12th April 2021

Carlos Coloma will turn 40 on September 28. 2021 was marked in red on his calendar with the Tokyo Olympic Games, but the postponement of the Olympic year and the fundamental role of Carlos in the BH Templo Cafés team, has meant that the moment of his retirement arrived on the 26th of March. The history of Carlos Coloma and ROTOR goes back to 2007, when a collaboration of almost 15 years began, in which Carlos has been a fundamental part of both the development of ROTOR products and the use of Q RINGS®, which have been one of his allies from the first pedal stroke together.

Carlos Coloma has contributed to ROTOR being able to evolve its products to the maximum, thanks to the extreme conditions in which the Riojan rider has tested prototypes and final versions on the best cross country circuits in the world.

From now on, we will have to ‘settle’ with seeing the figure of Carlos Coloma as a fundamental part of his BH Templo Cafés project, which since 2019 has positioned itself as one of the national mountain bike teams with the greatest international projection. Both because of the level of riders, as well as because of the enormous infrastructure and the total involvement of Carlos in the project. In Coloma’s own words:

“My professional career has taught me that any day, however insignificant it may seem, can be historic. It can become a day marked in our personal history and that of an entire group. Today, March 26, 2021, is time to set a new date on my calendar, a date that will always be engraved on me and my closest family.

I am putting an end to my professional sports career. With immense pride, and at the controls of the pioneering professional MTB team, the BH TEMPLO CAFÉS UCC, a top-class UCI elite team, as well as the Co-Factory project, with the best national Sub23 cyclists and a club formed in 2012 with more than 90 boys and girls.

It is decided, with 4 months to go before the Tokyo Olympics, to pour all my energy into these projects and especially in the development, evolution and good work of Rocío García, David Valero and Pablo Rodríguez, on their way to the medals in the next Olympics, as well as to continue promoting their professional careers”.

Los 5 momentos inolvidables de la carrera de Carlos Coloma

At ROTOR we wanted to pay him a small tribute, reviewing some of the key moments of a long career, which includes participation in 22 World Cups, 5 medals in Europeans and World Cups, 2 podiums in the World Cup and 2 times Spanish Cross Country Champion among many other triumphs… All our admiration, respect and gratitude to Carlos Coloma and all that he has contributed to both ROTOR and international cycling.

Bronze medal, Rio 2016

In 2016, in his third participation in the Olympic Games after London 2012 and Beijing 2008, Carlos Coloma hung the bronze around his neck and in some way, we all cried with him, after the tremendous effort. A super worked for bronze medal that left the other two podium places free for the names of Jaroslav Kulhavy who got silver and the Swiss Nino Schurter, who took the gold. The Frenchman Maxime Marotte tried to hunt down Carlos, but the ‘Logroñes’ with his 36-tooth Q RINGS® QX1 chainring and ROTOR InPower Rex 1 cranks, made it clear that Rio 2016 was the time for the medal. Unforgettable.

World Champion in Team Relays, Åre 1999

Of the 22 consecutive World Cups that Carlos Coloma has participated in (bare in mind that no one has achieved this milestone), the first person to compete in both individual and in teams in the Swedish town of Åre in 1999, remained in the memory of many of us. Coloma raced as a junior along with the rest of the teammates, made it clear the level at that moment and the incredible generation of riders who won the gold with all the merit in the world. Coloma shared a team with José Antonio Hermida, Roberto Lezaun and Marga Fullana.

Olympic diploma in London 2012

One year before the 2008 Beijing Olympics, Carlos Coloma came third in the ‘Good Luck Beijing’ race that was held by invitation in Beijing in September 2007 as a starter for 2008. One year later at the 2008 Beijing Olympics Coloma came twenty-eighth, a result that served as a prelude to a tremendous sixth place in London 2012. First Olympic diploma for Carlos, in a very tough race at the Hadleigh Farm circuit in Essex, which Coloma himself described at the time as, “an hour and a half of hell…”.

Two podiums at the Cross Country World Cup

Year 2011 in the German town of Offenburg. Cross Country World Cup and first podium for Carlos Coloma in the World Cup, with a fifth place that temporarily placed him seventh in the general classification of that year. The second podium of the World Cup, came a year later, in 2012, at the Mont-Saint Anne World Cup, where he achieved a fourth place, sharing the podium with his compatriot José Antonio Hermida who finished in second position after Nino Schurter.

Double Spanish Champion

In July 2016 in the town of Maceda in Orense, Carlos Coloma achieved his second jersey as Cross Country Champion of Spain, defeating such important names as David Valero and Pablo Rodriguez, with whom he has shared so many moments in recent years in the BH Templo Cafés. The first Spanish Champion jersey came no less than 11 years earlier, at the 2005 Spanish Championship held in Vilaboa. In addition to these two Spanish Championships, Carlos Coloma has achieved another 6 Cross Country Spanish Open Champion titles.

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