The new ALDHU Carbon cranks: perfect for gravel

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fecha4th February 2021

The new Aldhu Carbon cranks are one of ROTOR’s latest innovations for the road market. Although we have been using the spectacular mountain bike Kapic Carbon cranks for a while, the new Aldhu Carbon cranks have the versatility to be one of their main weapons. You can mount them with double or single chainring, oval or conventional chainrings and even the INspider powermeter. This versatility makes a lot of sense in a discipline such as gravel, where there is as much variety of users as there is of types of transmission or bottom brackets. We explain in more detail what the new Aldhu Carbon cranks can bring to gravel.


The new Aldhu Carbon cranks represent a saving of up to 88 grams compared to the aluminum model, something that is undoubtedly an incentive for all of you who want to improve the weight of your gravel bike. In addition, this weight saving is accompanied by an increase in stiffness of up to 20% compared to the aluminum model, which translates to a more efficient pedaling, something that you will notice, especially those who make the transition from aluminum to carbon on the same bike. Improving the weight and increasing the stiffness of your cranks and with it the transmission of the pedal stroke, are two of the main attractions of the Aldhu Carbon for your gravel bike.

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When it comes to compatibility, at ROTOR we have continued the trend of multi fitment options, so that you can install Aldhu Carbon cranks with any type of bottom bracket, as well as with double or single chainrings. On gravel bikes it is very common that different manufacturers use different bottom bracket options, that is why the Aldhu Carbon cranks are compatible with the following types of axles: BSA30, ITA30, BB30 (bearings), PRESS FIT 4630, UBB4630, BB386 and Press Fit 4130, both in 30 and 24mm axle, depending on the type of bottom bracket.

In addition, another of the strengths for gravel bikes is that you can choose a single or double chainring according to your preferences. Both with direct DM fitment or with 4-point fitment, something that would also allow you to mount the INspider powermeter as we will discuss later. Double chainrings with DM fitment are made of a single CNC piece of aluminium. As for the crank lengths, they are available in; 165, 170, 172.5 and 175 mm.

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Gravel users have not renounced the use of powermeters and as it happened with mountain biking, it has also positioned itself as the best option to control the efficiency of your training sessions and competitions. The Aldhu Carbon cranks can be configured with oval or conventional chainrings with direct DM fitment or with anchoring by means of a 4-arm spider, something that will allow you to install the INspider powermeter with ease.

This versatility when it comes to fitting the Aldhu Carbon cranks, also allows you to mount Q-Rings oval chainrings, without any problems when choosing the number of teeth. For gravel bikes it is common to use single chainrings of 40, 42, 44 and 46 teeth, but with ROTOR you will have no problem choosing any other chainring size. Gravel is a modality in which the single chainring has more and more users and being able to fit an oval Q-Rings ring, together with a powermeter, is a more than interesting option. Remember, you can also mount the single chainring with a 12 or 13 speed cassette combination with our 1×13 drivetrain.

Gravel has inherited a privileged position of many of the road components, in addition to those specific to gravel, which is why it is becoming increasingly common to mount carbon components on gravel models, not only because of weight savings, but also because of the improvement in terms of rigidity.

The price of the new ROTOR Aldhu Carbon cranks is € 389, cranks only, to which you will have to add the bottom bracket and the chainring of your choice.

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