Exclusive, lightweight, easy to maintain and technologically distinct, UNO combines the most desirable features of electronic and mechanical systems to create a new category of technological groupsets. In collaboration with Magura, which has created the UNO disc brake system, you will enjoy the advantages of more than a century of experience in the field of hydraulic brake systems. Thanks to hydraulics, the Magura MT8 disc brakes possess tremendous braking power when you need to reduce speed quickly.

Rear derailleur

Synchronized inside. The patented derailleur guarantees precise functionality in any situation without loss of energy because movement occurs only where it is necessary.

Multi-shift set-up. The ability to adjust how many gears you want to shift at a time — from 1 to 4 — makes it fully customizable.

Single Smart Bolt. Fine-tuned adjustment with only one screw.

Go to origin. Completely releases the derailleur for easy wheel removal or to manually change cogs in the event of an accident.

Predefined step. One cassette size with predetermined indexing. Adjustment simplicity together with a novel screw design improve compatibility with all frames on the market to ensure optimum derailleur functionality.

Carbon fiber cage. Carbon fiber plates to achieve minimum weight.

Front Derailleur

Synchronized inside. The patented derailleur guarantees precise functionality in any situation without loss of energy because movement occurs only where it is necessary.

4Trim. Two adjustment for each chainring prevent chain rub in all circumstances.

Full compatibilty. Optimum functionality with ROTOR Q-Rings and with round chainrings.

Single Smart Bolt. Fine-tuned adjustment with only one screw.

Shift levers

Hydraulic integration. The braking and shifting systems use the same hydraulic technology for their actuation. This sophisticated simplification streamlines technologies for guaranteed performance.

Perfect balance. Optimized ergonomics to fit all cyclists and ensure a natural grip.

Handlebar-friendly. The unique carbon fiber bracket allows for a secure attachment without damaging handlebars.

EasyFind. Broad levers make shifting gears easy even with full-finger gloves.

Carbon fiber levers. Lightweight carbon fiber levers with optimized ergonomics allow you to adjust the reach to suit different hand sizes.

Disc brakes

The best braking in all conditions.

Full compatibility. Available for frames with either post or flat mount disc brakes

Uncompromising lightweight construction. The groupset with the lightest disc brakes on the market.

Effective simplicity. Brake calipers constructed in one aluminum piece.

KMC X11SL DLC 11-speed Chain

The best for the best. The lightest 11-speed chain

XBridge. The characteristic X-shaped plates guarantee rapid and accurate shifting.

Diamond Like Coating. Exclusive treatment that reduces wear for better performance over a greater number of kilometers.

Color matching. The variety of colors pairs perfect aesthetics with UNO’s components.


Shockingly light. The lightest cassette ever made.

2pieces. Structure optimized to transmit full pedaling force to the wheel.

CNC masterpiece. A work of art crafted by computer numerical control.

FlowDrive. Quick and accurate gear changes. Cog ramps include ROTOR’s exclusive Q-Ring technology. 

Tecnología HY STEP

Reliable technology. La tecnología hidráulica se utiliza en sistemas críticos y mecanismos de precisión que requieren un funcionamiento sencillo y eficaz.

Custom feeling. El ajuste de punto de presión permite personalizar el tacto de los pulsadores de los cambios según las preferencias del usuario.

Estética limpia. Latiguillos de sólo 3 mm que se enrutan con facilidad dentro de los tubos del cuadro, permitiendo curvas cerradas.

Eco friendly. El aceite mineral Magura Royal Blood es respetuoso con el Medio Ambiente y no mancha ni daña la pintura.

Mantenimiento reducido, gracias a un sistema completamente cerrado.


Total weight = 1655 g including shift levers, front and rear derailleurs, complete shift and brake hose, post mount calipers, 160 mm brake rotor, chain and cassette. Designed for any ROTOR cranks with or without power meter (cranks
and chainrings are not included).

Includes the UNO 11-28T cassette.
Includes the UNO 118-link chain.
Includes full bleed/service kits for shift and brake systems.

Compatible with standard post mount frames and forks, and
with standard flat mount frames and adapters.

UNO uses the same mineral oil for both the shift and brake

Compatible with all ROTOR cranks and chainrings, both oval
Q-Rings and round rings.

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