Update to v1.034

The new INspider update improves calibration via ANT+™ and via Bluetooth®.

Thanks to the communication with our athletes, calibration failures where the connection was not stable enough, and could not provide the best experience, have been improved.

What has been fixed?

The new firmware V1.034 for the ROTOR INspider power meter improves the calibration protocols via ANT+™ and Bluetooth®.

Continuous communication with our professional teams and athletes, as well as with users of ROTOR products, allows us to obtain valuable feedback when improving and implementing each of our products. Recently, after updating several monitors, a failure was reported during the calibration process of the INspider power meter, which did not allow us to see that the calibration process had been completed satisfactorily.

In order to offer the best experience to our users, we have found it necessary to correct this reported issue, so that the complete calibration process can be displayed correctly on any device.

The new firmware update V1.034 fixes:

– Error in the calibration process via ANT+™.
– Error in the calibration process via Bluetooth®.

Not displaying the complete calibration process on the device does not mean that the calibration process had not been completed and successfully implemented in the power meter, as the error was in the code that returns the power meter to the monitor after successful calibration.

Whether or not you were one of the users who detected this incident, we invite you to update your INspider power meter to the latest version, so that you can continue to enjoy all the features offered by our power meters.

Download firmware

For downloading the new firmware you need to log in with your ROTOR account and go to the INspider product page.

If you haven’t registered your INspider, please, register your product before pressing the download buttom.

If you have already registered your INspider, you will be able to download the new firmware from the Downloads section.

Update INspider

Once you have download the new firmware, connect your INspider to your computer with ROTOR INpower software v2.5 or newer.

Select the downloaded file, toggle the box Ignore revision check, and press Load file for updating.


You can follow the video if you need.

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