Useful APPs For Cyclists

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fecha10th October 2018

Today, Mobile apps for people who ride bikes have almost become a necessity for any leisurely ride, training session or competition. It is completely normal to have one or two apps running during a ride; we have become “addicts” to comparing data with our closest “enemies”. There are tons to choose form for Android and IOS, but we want to show you the most useful ones to get the most out of the data from your rides.

1.ROTOR Power

If you are fortunate enough to have one of our INpower DM or 2INpower DM power meters, you know that you have the ROTOR Power app at your disposal for both Android and IOS. Through them you can monitor all your data from your rides; from pedal watts, to heart rate, the route based on the GPS… Also, if you use the Q ring OCP chainrings the app will help you find the best OCP position (Optimum Chainrings Position) for your pedal stroke, according to an analysis of your power output. And if your smartphone has altimeter and pressure, you can also store all data relevant to the accumulated altitude, climbed, descended, etc… You can also see in real time, your pedal cycle, as well as the instant power output at any given part of your pedal stroke. It is free and can be downloaded from ROTOR´s website.


Undoubtedly the most famous of all the bicycle related Apps, or at least the most extended one. Strava gains one million new users every 40 days. One of its strong points is that as well as being able to use it for mountain biking and road riding, it is compatible with an uncountable amount of other sports and various accessories. In fact, you can use Strava through over 300 types of sports devices. This way, if you have a Smartwatch, or cycle computer, there is no need to take your Smartphone with you. Once home, you can transfer the data via the app used on your device, and it will sync automatically with your Strava app without having to do anything. The app is free for both android and IOS, and there are two types of user profile, a free version that allows you to access to the basic options, and a paid Premium account which gives you more options to choose from. With either one of them, as well as your Smartphone, you can view your routes and training data on your laptop or tablet. One of the other strong points of Strava, and probably the most recognised, is that you can view and ride routes that have been uploaded by other users and try to compete with them, And if you like, you can create your own routes and try to compete with the rest of the users on them. The interface is very easy to use, and even with the free version, there are a lot of options available to use. You can visit their website for more information.


If you follow the social media accounts of any of the professional cyclists from the international circuit, we are sure you have seen more than one of them training in front of their TV with Zwift on. Zwift is compatible with almost all of the static trainers, and you can even use your own avatar with which you can train and compete with other users. You can choose to ride virtual roads, use scheduled training, depending on the level of exercise chosen, or compete online with a multitude of events on a global level. It is without doubt one of the most entertaining apps when there is no other way than staying at home to train. If you visit their website, you will see a free one week trial, but if you end up wanting more, you will need to pay the monthly fee of $14.99 USD. It is compatible with ANT+, BLE, as well as most PCs, Macs and Android and IOS devices. It is important to check what you need on their website, depending on the device you will be running it on, as well as extra accessories you may use like powermeters, heart rate monitors etc.


Undoubtedly Relive takes the title of one of the most visual and attractive apps that any cyclist can use. It is compatible with a lot of systems and devices such as Garmin, Strava, Apple (Health), Endomondo. With a software focused on the use with a variety of sports, the best thing about Relive is the video that it creates for you at the end of a ride, with the mountain passes, the maps, the participants, the photos you have taken… It comes into its own when you have been part of a group ride and everyone has the app, because the video will show the positions of each of the members in each moment and their final times. It is not the app that will give you the most technical data of each ride or training session, but is does stand out from the rest with a very visual and super attractive interface. The application is free and available on the Relive website for both Android and IOS.


With a base very similar to Strava in terms of the data it offers and the ability to use it with a variety of sports, Endomondo was one of the pioneers in the field of training apps. It has a very complete interface that offers tons of parameters from your ride (map, average speed, altitude, maximum outputs, etc…), but its strong point is the feedback from a virtual trainer through audio. You mark the objectives of the training, and a personal trainer will provide you with information on how the training is going, as well as encouraging phrases to motivate you through your headphones or Smartphone speaker. In addition, by having real-time tracking, your friends can follow you when training and send you direct messages of encouragement. As in many similar applications, Endomondo is compatible with loads of fitness accessories and you can also use it as a social network with other users through messages and an online community. In 2015 the app was bought by the giant Under Armour, that is why you will see it linked to the brand. It is free and available for both Android and IOS. There is also a Premium version if you want to opt for more features within the app and the web. You can get more info on their website.

6.Training Peaks

Probably the most professional and effective app if you want to keep to a strict training plan. It is valid for both personal and professional use. The app is more focused on keeping track of and planning your training, more than following real time data. You can structure your training by days, weeks or months. On the Training peaks website you can download a free trial, but it is only valid for 14 days. After this you will have to sign up and pay a minimum monthly fee of $9.92USD (if you pay for a whole year). If you would prefer to have a monthly subscription the price is $19.95USD (fees may vary from country to country). For personal trainers the price varies from $19 and $49 USD as well as an initial payment of $99USD. The price is high, but as an athlete it allows you access to a multitude of training plans for cycling, triathlon, running etc… This way it will be incredibly easy to establish your daily goals. It is also compatible with quite a few static trainers and accessories.