Using Your 10/11Speed Wheels With ROTOR 12s Cassette

autorRotor Bike Components
fecha11th March 2020

Would you like to fit a 12-speed cassette on your HG Shimano 10 and 11-speed hubs? With ROTOR you will have zero problems. In addition to being able to fit our 12-speed cassettes on Shimano HG 10 and 11 speed freehubs, you can also convert the ROTOR 13-speed cassette into a 12-speed one and use it with your current wheels. And if in the future you change wheels, you already have a 13s cassette ready for a ROTOR transmission.

We know how the market varies with new measurements and new standards that change the landscape of what is compatible and what is not in a short space of time. At ROTOR we have always paid close attention to this change of measurements and standards, so we try to make all our components as compatible as possible, both in the ROTOR range and for those of other brands.

A notable example is that of our 12 and 13 speed cassettes. Both are available in the following ratios: the 12-speed (11-36, 11-39, 11-46, 11-52) the last two being ideal for mounting a 1×12 transmission on a mountain bike. On the other hand, the 13-speed ROTOR cassette is available in: 10-36, 10-39, 10-46, 10-52, the last two being able to be used for 1x mountain bike transmissions.

The interesting thing is, if you want to change to a 1×13 ROTOR transmission, but you don’t want to change your Shimano HG 10 and 11 speed wheels, you can do it in two ways. One, with a 12-speed ROTOR cassette. You will not have to change the freehub and you will simply have to adjust the rear shift limit screw to block one of the speeds. Although the best option we can offer you, and this is where it makes sense to bet on a 13-speed cassette, is that, by removing the smallest 10-tooth sprocket on a 13-speed ROTOR cassette, you can turn it into a 12-speed cassette and install it without problem on a Shimano HG 10/11sp freehub, so at the beginning you will not have to change wheels, even if you change to 1×13 from ROTOR.

If in the future, you decide that you want to have that extra gear and install a specific 13-speed ROTOR R-volver hub, you can add that 10-tooth sprocket and adjust the derailleur so that you have the original 13 speeds again.

Due to the different cassette ratios, this is also applicable to fit a 1×12 or 1×13 transmission on a gravel bike. In the case of gravel bikes, it works in the same way as on a mountain bike, due to the aforementioned compatibility of 10 and 11-speed Shimano HG freehubs with ROTOR 12 or 13 cassettes, to which we have removed the smallest 10t sprocket.

This is a very interesting step, since you have fewer limitations to be able to move to a 1×13 ROTOR without having to change wheels from the get go, and being able to adapt it again to 13 speeds if you change wheels in the future. In addition, and as we have tried to take into account the maximum possible aspects, the KMC X12 chains we work with are compatible with both 12 and 13 speeds.

Our 1×12 options are the entry point to the ROTOR 1×13 platform without having to change your current hubs or 10/11 speed wheels. Then you can easily update your groupset with a 13-speed cassette and hub and new wheels at a later stage.