Wellness benefits of oval Q RINGS

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fecha11th April 2018

Many dedicated cyclists experience knee pain at some point during their cycling career. By its very nature, cycling means lots of pedal strokes over and over again, which tends to cause chronic, repetitive use injuries such knee pain. All those pedal strokes stress the knee joints, and the effects add up over time.

One way to take care of your knees is to reduce the effective stress on your knee joints. Oval chainrings such as ROTOR’s Q RINGS have been shown to not only reduce stress on the knees but also to improve performance and thus minimize fatigue.

Since there are myriad different possible causes of knee pain, there is no one solution to reduce or eliminate it, but many successful pro and amateur cyclists have discovered that they experience less knee pain after switching to oval chainrings. That’s because oval chainrings optimize cycling pedaling biomechanics.

How do oval chainrings work? Q RINGS virtually decrease the gear ratio in the dead spot of your pedal stroke and increase the gear ratio in the power phase, which is when you exert the most force while pedalling.

And because no two cyclists are exactly the same, ROTOR’s Q RINGS are adjustable so that you can find the perfect setup for the oval rings on your bike and make your pedalling more efficient. ROTOR Q RINGS have up to five different Optimum Chainring Positions (OCP) which lets you flexibly position your oval rings to suit your unique pedaling style.

ROTOR makes switching to oval rings simple and straightforward with no special tools or other special equipment needed. Q RINGS are available for nearly all standard cranks on the market, and they are quick and easy to mount using standard tools.