Why is better to ride with friends

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fecha3rd June 2021

At ROTOR we are very clear that cycling with friends is always better than doing it alone. The way you experience a bike ride alone differs a lot from what we experience when we ride with some of our friends. Yes, from time to time you may feel like doing a solo workout to get your thoughts in order, but whenever you can, we recommend that you do it with someone else. Here are some of the many reasons why you want to go out in a group.

1.More fun, more affection, more good times

It is always more fun. That is a fact. Going out with a small group of friends on a bike, always makes the outing more fun. Not only because of the conversations that arise during the pride, but also because of the moments you share. An inopportune puncture, an attack at the top of the climb, a relay at the right time … With friends, the anecdotes multiply and we always return home with something to tell. In addition, these types of outings can help you improve the bonds of friendship with your colleagues or even make new friends. It is a relaxing moment in which you share your hobby with people like you and those hours of pedaling will help you to know more about your friends or others you have just met. Do not forget that every bike ride usually ends with a good lunch, a coffee or a fresh beer in summer. Another of the perfect moments to share with friends and mark it as another day that has been worthwhile.

2.Improve your physical and technical form

We all have a group of friends in which one or more likes to train hard. If so, take advantage of that energy and make your outings with friends be more of a workout. It does not have to be every day, nor do they have to be very hard workouts, but if you have friends with a similar physical and technical level or even a little higher than yours, can help you improve your times or overcome obstacles on many mountain bike rides. You may not dare to this by yourself or you may not know how to ride through some technical areas. If you have a colleague who knows how to do it, take advantage of the situation and improve your skills. In addition, if you see that you have some technical deficiency in terms of the way you pedal, or brake or simply ride down the road at high speed, the group can help you to improve on these aspects and also to gain confidence.

This does not mean that all the rides have to be a workout, but think that you can also form several groups during the rides, so that each group pedal at the speed they want, or meet a few days to train a little harder and others to do longer and more relaxed outings.

And yes, we know that training rides are also more interesting if you use a type of app such as ROTOR Power, with which you can analyze all the training data and know in detail your power in the pedaling cycles if you use our cranks with Built-in powermeter from the 2INpower, INpower and INspider range.

3.Accidents and breakdowns more controlled

Nobody wants to be stranded by a mechanical or worse, that you cannot have quick assistance in the event of an accident. This is more than enough reason for your daily outings not to be solo. In the event of a breakdown, it will always be easier to fix it by going with more people in the group. Not only because we have more tools or spare parts, but also because someone from the group may know how to solve the problem. On the other hand, in the event of an accident, if it happens to you alone, you may not know how to react in that situation, or it could be a serious accident and you need emergency assistance. With a friend or friends by your side, everything will be much easier and you can avoid risky situations. Remember that on many occasions and especially in road cycling, if you ride in a group, it is easier for other vehicles to see you more clearly than if you ride alone.

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