Why should you use a power meter for cycling?

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fecha21st June 2019

Developed in the 80s by Ulrich Schoberer, a German engineer and cyclist, power meters allow us to measure our pedalling power, providing us with a constant measure that we can analyse in order to improve our training results.

What is a power meter?

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As mentioned, a cycling power meter is an electronic device that allows us to measure pedalling power with the power-to-speed ratio expressed in watts. It gives you a constant measure for your power output based on torque, cadence and pedalling technique. You can see your power output on the instrument’s own display screen through a wireless connection, allowing you to adjust your pedalling when training, or use mobile apps to analyse your performance.

How does it work?

Power meters collect data through the strain gauges, which are sensors that are placed on different parts of the bike, and they interpret this data according to the equation Power = Torque (pedalling intensity and frequency) x Distance / Time.

This way you can accurately measure your power output and adapt it so as to avoid overexerting yourself.

The benefits of using power meters

All professionals and amateurs agree that the main advantage of power meters is in training. Watt-based training will help us significantly improve our performance. By isolating external factors that affect speed, you can accurately measure your performance and fitness.

Accurate data

As we’ve said before, by isolating external data or parameters that depend on multiple variables (such as heart rate), we will obtain precise data that we can use to improve our training results.

Improve performance

Hence we’ll learn which cadence gives us more power. For example, we’ll know whether we can achieve greater power at 82 revolutions per minute or at 86 RPM. It is also important for effort management, so we can see in real time when we overexert ourselves or if we are in a power zone that we can sustain over time. This way we can fully optimise our performance.

Get the most out of training

As mentioned above, there’s no question that this device allows you to regulate your effort better while training. You can structure your training sessions according to specific power zones and focus on specific training to target your weak points. Also, with platforms such as Strava you can compare [R1] your performance with that of professional cyclists, thanks to their comprehensive physical performance database.

Enhance competition performance

You will learn exactly what your limits are, so you can develop a competition strategy according to your optimal power thresholds in each situation. The British cyclist Chris Froome is the best example of how a power meter can help in competitive racing.

ROTOR Powermetersapp ROTOR display

At ROTOR we are at the forefront of power meter technology. We work continuously to improve our power meters for the different cycling disciplines.

2INpower meters

ROTOR’s 2INpower meters offer dual sided power measurement so that you can analyse your training performance with highly accurate data. This makes 2INpower one of the most sophisticated power meters on the market. By measuring the power in each leg independently you will get precise data on balance and power that you can use to optimise each stroke.

Thanks to the OCP Mount system, our Direct Mount technology family features a proprietary spline interface connecting crank arm, axle and chainring that allows you to maximise efficiency in the power transmission of your pedalling. You can also adjust your Q RINGS® for optimised pedalling biomechanics.

Finally, with the ROTOR Power App for Android and iOS you can connect your power meter via Bluetooth and choose between the training, basic training or TORQUE 360 modes. This last function analyses crank rotation in real time, giving you a recommended OCP at the end of the ride. Remember that you will also be provided with all the information you need to improve your performance.

INpower meters

Likewise, ROTOR’s INpower powermeters, are crank-based power recording with all electronics inside the axle are available for all 30 mm ROTOR cranks, are perfect for any discipline.

These power meters collect data on the performance of your left leg, including power output, cadence, torque efficiency and pedalling smoothness, through two sets of opposing meters on the axle. The battery is inside the axle so that the rotational weight is as close to the centre as possible, providing you with up to 300 hours of data collection.

Like with the 2INpower meters, you can analyse all the information using the ROTOR Power App. You only have to synchronise the INpower meter with the app and you can use your smartphone to display all that interesting data that you can use to optimise your technique. You can also combine this information with Q RINGS to adjust your OCP from 1 to 5, fine-tuning your pedalling efficiency and maximising power transmission.

You can find power meters designed for each discipline: road, triathlon, track, cyclocross, as well as MTB meters for XC–Marathon or Enduro power meters.

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