Our story

ROTOR resulted from a dream, when in 1994, two friends who were also cycling enthusiasts believed they could achieve something that many others had tried and failed at: to eliminate the dead spots in the pedal stroke. Pablo Carrasco, an aeronautical engineer, and Ignacio Estellés, a lawyer, had a vision that it would be possible to revolutionize cycling technology simply through a new idea.

Their challenge was to develop a more natural way of pedaling, which would consequently eliminate the dead spot and which would make a more efficient use of the force applied to the pedals, thus improving the performance and health of cyclists.

But great ideas don’t succeed on their own. Such a huge challenge needed faith, enthusiasm, selflessness, resilience and especially, team spirit. In short time a crew of dreamers and bike fans adopted the original ROTOR idea to make it possible.


Fearless against mightier rivals, they developed the initial prototypes, registered worldwide patents, obtained necessary investments, introduced the product to the press, cycling teams, and cyclists, and convinced manufacturers, dealers and shops around the world to believe in ROTOR.

But you know what? The few consumers who tried ROTOR, fell in love with the brand. They too believed that another way of doing things is possible in the bicycle world. Through their loyalty, ROTOR has built a brand recognized by its innovative technologies and solutions for cyclists.


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At the intersection of innovation and engineering is where you’ll find us. You motivate us to develop original solutions that evolve your experience on the bike.

We unleash our creativity on inventing components that help you discover new ways to turn the pedals because we are inspired by what’s possible within the boundaries of science, design, and purpose.


We manufacture from start to finish the products you install on your bike; you helped forge our main intention, which is to craft components with the function and quality that meet your expectations.

We are impatient on your behalf to achieve this – when we want to implement improvements, we can do that in our factory in minutes instead of days or weeks.


TWe ride as well, and we are able to enjoy the fruits of a job well done – one that’s been conceived of in our relentless search for improved ways to ride a bike.

Your passion for bikes is what strengthens our resolve each day to enhance your riding experience. Same as you, we live our cycling lifestyle outside of office hours, every day, on every ride.