eBike Cranksets

The crankset of your electric bike is a crucial component responsible for connecting your pedals and propelling the bike forward. It attaches to the bottom bracket of your ebike, allowing it to rotate freely.

There may be instances where you want to change your crankset, whether it's for aesthetic reasons, replacing an older one, or switching chainrings and requiring different crank arms. No matter the motive, our ebike crank service is here to assist you.

When you bring your electric bicycle in for a crank service, our first step is to remove the existing pedals from the old crank so that they can be installed on your new ebike cranks. After detaching the pedals, we proceed to remove the old crank arms from your ebike. Once the old arms are off, we install the new ebike crank arms. Depending on the crankset, we may also need to transfer the chainring to the new crank.

Once the crankset is fully assembled, we securely tighten it to the appropriate factory torque specifications. It's crucial to ensure that the ebike crankset is properly torqued, as incorrect torque can lead to premature wear on both the bottom bracket and the crankset itself. Finally, after properly torquing the ebike crankset, we complete the process by attaching the pedals to the new crank arms, and your electric bike is now ready to ride smoothly.