2INpower® SL vs INspider®

2INpower® SL vs INspider®

July 21, 2023 315 view(s)

Which one 2INpower SL or INspider?

As a cyclist, you know that finding the perfect power meter can take your performance to the next level. In this article, we´re comparing two formidable power meters against each other: the 2INpower SL and the INspider. We will go into the details and differences between these power meters and the cranksets they are part of. This will give you the insights you need to make an informed purchasing decision. 

Power Measurement

Let´s start by discussing the heart of the matter: power measurement. The 2INpower SL and INspider both excel in capturing your power output but take different approaches. The 2INpower SL measures power with strain gauges in the crank arm and spindle. This dual-sided measurement provides precise, independent measurements that give you invaluable data on pedaling dynamics and balance. 

On the other hand, the INspider uses strain gauges mounted inside the spider of your bike´s crankset. Both methods have their merits, but choosing between them depends on your specific needs and preferences. 

Measuring power output at the cranks, such as with the 2INpower SL, gives you dual-sided power measurement. This means it captures the power each of your legs produces independently. The data it captures can be valuable in assessing your pedaling dynamics, identifying potential imbalances between your left and right legs, and improving your overall efficiency. Also, dual-sided power measurement can help diagnose and address any asymmetries in your pedal stroke. 

On the other hand, power measurement at the spider, as seen in the INspider, focuses on measuring the total power output of both legs combined. This method provides a comprehensive view of your overall power production without distinguising between your left and right legs. It simplifies the data analysis process, as you don´t need to monitor and interpret separate power readings from each leg. This approach can be effective for most cyclists, especially if they don´t have specific concerns about imbalances or asymmetries in their pedal stroke. 

Ultimately, the best choice depends on your specific goals, training needs, and any existing concerns about pedal stroke imbalances. If you´re a performance- oriented cyclist seekin in-depth insights into your pedaling dynamics and balance, a power meter that measures at the cranks, like the 2INpower SL, could be the better option. However, if you prefer a more straightforward approach without analyzing separate leg data, a power meter that measures in the spider, like the INspider might be the more suitable choice. 

Weight and Aerodynamics

Weight and aerodynamics can make a substantial difference in your cycling performance, so it shouldn´t be overloocked. 

The 2INpower SL 170 mm & R50/34T crankset weighs 729g, while the INspider Aldhu Shimano tips the scales at 738g. 

However, you can shave some grams off your setup by opting for the INspider Aldhu Carbon Shimano 2x12 Crankset. The equivalent 170mm R50/34T version weighs just 650g. This might not seem much lughter, but these marginal gains help your quest for speed. On the other hand, the INspider strikes a balance between weight and versatility. While it may not be as featherlight as the 2INpower SL, it minimally affects your bike´s aerodynamics, ensuring you can efficienctly slice through the air. 

Connectivity and Data Analysis

Most modern cyclist crave data, as it can help us to fine-tune our pedaling technique and training regimes. Both the 2INpower SL and the INspider offer advanced connectivity options, allowing you to pair them with your cycling computer or smartphone. With Bluetooth and ANT+ connectivity, these power meters seamlessly integrate with popular training apps and platforms. Therefore, your Strava and Trainingpeaks profiles can stay up to date. 

However, it´s worth noting that the 2INpower SL boasts a slightly more comprehensive range of compatible devices, providing you with a broader scope for data analysis and training optimization. Whether you prefer extensive compatibility or are content with the essentials, these power meters keep you connected to your valuable cycling metrics. 

Powering Your Power Meter 

To ensure that your power meter works, it needs electricity. One of the main differences between the 2INpower SL and INspider is that the 2INpower is dual-sided and rechargeable and the battery gives you 250 hours of data capture before you need to recharge it. Whereas the INpower is single-sided and powered by a AA battery that lasts 200 hours of riding. 

Pricing and Value for Money

Cycling isn´t the cheapest of sports, especially when you weigh up the costs of bikes, components, and accessories. Therefore most people need to be conscious of how much their power meter will cost them. 

With its advanced features and lightweight materials, the ROTOR INspider Aldhu Shimano 2x12 Crankset has a higher price tag, especially if you opt for the carbon version. But it gives you comprehensive and accurate insights while providing exceptional performance. So if you´re a cyclist with ambitious goals and are willing to invest in cutting-edge technology, this option might be your perfect match. 

However, the ROTOR 2INpower SL crankset presents an enticing alternative for riders who don´t want to spend the extra cash. This crankset and power meter combo stil offers cyclists a lot for their money. You can benefit from solid power measurement capabilities at a more affordable price point, making it an excellent choice for cost-conscious cyclists who still want reliable power data. It´s all about finding the right balance between your performance goals and financial considerations. 

Final Thoughts On the 2INpower SL vs INspider

Now you´re equipped with valuable knowledge about the 2INpower SL and the INspider power meters. These power meters have unique strengths, catering to different needs and preferences. 

Both systems excel in dual-sided power measurement, featherlight construction, and extensive compatibility, making them ideal for riders seeking comprehensive insights and superior performance. 

However, the 2INpower SL offers a little more affordability while still providing solid power measurement, making it an attractive option for budget-conscious cyclists. 

If you´re looking for more performance from your power meter- equipped crankset, the ROTOR INspider Aldhu Shimano Crankset is the one to go for. You can benefit from the highest quality materials, precision engineering, and maximum accuracy by spending a little bit more money. This is especially the case if you choose to fit your bike with the carbon version. 

Remember, the road to success is paved with informed decisions. So, grab your bike, embrace the thrill of cycling, and let your chose power meter power you to new heights of performance!

Happy riding #ROTORian!