3 reasons why you should train indoors with BKOOL

3 reasons why you should train indoors with BKOOL

November 15, 2021 30 view(s)

3 reasons why you should train indoors with BKOOL

Indoor training with a bike and a roller can be done in many ways. From the most conventional rollers in which there is no resistance and you adapt te rhythm with your bike´s gears, to the treadmill type rollers in which you move with your usual bike as if you were riding on the road. But today, pedaling indoors on your roller means using one of the multiple virtual platforms, which not only allow you to adapt your training to get 100% out of them, but with its online community, you can form a large peloton where you can compete and train without leaving your house. 

Now that winter is approaching, we give you 3 good reasons to train at home and that you do it with the help of the virtual platform BKOOL.

1. Up to 500,000 different routes on any type of roller

When you pedal indoors on a BKOOL Smart roller or any other brand of roller using BKOOL as a platform, the 3D simulation of the environment where you ride is spectacular. You can include night environments, rain or even video of real training sessions. With up to 500,000 different routes, the training options like the route, distance and incline percentage are so varied that they also allow you to customize your workouts if you prefer a different distance or more or less incline. In fact, you can choose any GPS track you have from your training sessions and replicate them virtually with a very high accuracy to the original. BKOOL offers you the possibility of doing the routes you want, as well as mythical, classic summits, and any international competition, with a highly worked replica in terms of the climbs that occur in reality.

Another of the most interesting aspects of BKOOL’s virtual training and simulation platform is that it is not only compatible with any type of bike, but also with any brand and type of roller; Smart, Elite, Wahoo, Stages… A huge list of compatible devices (which you can check here), including our INspider powermeter.

2. Connect your cranks with a ROTOR power meter to BKOOL

Indoor workouts are the ideal setting to assess with the help of the power meter, not only what your training level is, but also how you apply force throughout the pedaling cycle, if you have the appropriate cadence and the maximum power that you can develop. Knowing all these factors will help you to know at what level of muscle training you need to start at the beginning of the season, to be able to compare it as it progresses.

You can connect the 2INpower, INpower and INspider power meters through their 2.4 Ghz / Bluetooth® Smart ANT + ™ wireless technology to your BKOOL system and thus be able to use all the data that is generated from your pedaling in real time. This way, you can take advantage of your indoor workouts with BKOOL, to improve and control all your pedaling cycle parameters such as watts, cadence, the power applied in the 360-degree pedaling cycle, as well as knowing how many watts you apply on average and how you use them with respect to your right and left legs.

3. Participate in the ROTOR Autumn Challenge and win a 2INpower power meter

The third reason for your indoor training to be done with the BKOOL virtual platform is that in just a few days you will be able to participate in the first ROTOR Autumn Challenge. From November 15 to 21, you will be able to tour the Sierra de Guadarrama, an emblematic place and one of the favorites for all of us who work at ROTOR, because it is an area that can be seen from our headquarters on the outskirts of Madrid.

There will be two stages. The first will be the climb to the Puerto de Cotos which is 14km and an average incline of 5.17%, and the second, from Soto del Real to Bustarviejo that is 19.5km. In addition, in the group outings you will be able to count on the South African professional triathlete Matt Trautmann, who will lead the groups.

And one more incentive. If you finish both sessions, you will get an exclusive ROTOR virtual jersey and you can participate in the raffle for a ROTOR 2INpower power meter.

To participate you just have to register with BKOOL, download BKOOL Cycling and connect it to your smart trainer of any brand. And if it’s your first time using BKOOL, remember that you can try it for free for 30 days.