Climb With Rotor Road Power Meter The World HARDEST Hill in KOM Challenge - Taiwan

November 17, 2023 64 view(s)

Climb With Rotor Road Power Meter The World HARDEST Hill In KOM Challenge - Taiwan

What Is The Taiwan KOM Challenge?

The KOM Challenge, a cycling race that has captured the attention of cyclists from all over the world.

This year, on 27 October, brave cyclists embarked on an unparalleled challenge: 105 kilometres of pure intensity, with an impressive elevation gain of approximately 3,500 metres. But this competition is much more than just a race; it is a test that goes beyond physical endurance, exploring the deepest limits of mental strength and the unbreakable will of the participants.

ROTOR is proud to have been a participant with our cutting-edge technology. Our ROTOR Road Power meter and 2INpower SL were seamlessly integrated into Oliver Bridgewood's ultra-lightweight bike, improving its accuracy, efficiency and reliability, for the high calibre KOM Challenge. 

The KOM Challenge course covers 105 kilometres, starting at sea level at Qixingtan Beach in Hualien, passing through the breathtaking Taroko Gorge and culminating at the mighty Wuling Pass at an altitude of 3,275 metres on He Huan Mountain. It's not just a race; it's an odyssey that takes cyclists through some of Taiwan's most breathtaking scenery. From serene coastlines to challenging mountain gorges, the KOM Challenge is a unique experience that combines natural beauty with sheer physical exertion.

Immerse Yourself In The Taiwan KOM Challenge!

Be part of this experience!

We invite you to enjoy a video that captures the very essence of this legendary competition. This video will take you beyond the conventional limits of cycling, transporting you through the breathtaking landscapes of Taiwan and immersing you in the unique atmosphere of this unforgettable race.

Which Bike Challenges The Limits Of The KOM Challenge In Taiwan?

We were proud to have been part of this challenging event, providing Ollie with quality products to take on the KOM Challenge. The ultra lightweight bike which overcame the epic Wuling Pass of 83km long consisted of our Powermeter 2INpower SL and a 52/36 Round Direct Mount Chainring, providing the power and efficiency needed to overcome every hill, every bend and every challenge on the trail.

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