David McNamee using ROTOR Aero Q RINGS 1x BCD110x4

All You Have To Know About Aero Q RINGS

September 14, 2023 420 view(s)

All You Have To Know About ROTOR Aero Q RINGS

The cyclist's quest for superior performance is ceaseless. We are always looking for improvements in precision, efficiency, and speed. This is where ROTOR Q RINGS may be your next step to improving your cycling. ROTOR Q RINGS are an evolution in chainring technology that has the potential to take your cycling performance to the next level.

How ROTOR Aero Q RINGS Enhance Your Cycling

Here are some advantages of fitting your bike with ROTOR Aero Q RINGS.

Optimized Power Delivery 

ROTOR Q RINGS can optimize power delivery through each pedal stroke. Unlike the traditional circular chainrings, which present a consistent resistance throughout the rotation, the subtle 10% oval shape is designed to cater to the natural variations in your biomechanics.

Therefore, when you encounter the "dead spot" in your pedal stroke, where power generation is minimal, the oval chainring provides a mechanical advantage, allowing you to apply more force when needed most. The result of this is a smoother and more efficient transfer of power. In turn, you can enjoy enhanced climbing abilities and increased speed on level terrain. 

Reduced Muscular Fatigue 

Cyclists who opt for ROTOR Aero Q RINGS can tackle long ascents with a lower degree of muscular fatigue compared to riding with a regular chainring. 

The reason behind this is that the design allows you to maintain a higher cadence without overexerting your muscles. The workload is distributed more evenly across your leg muscles. The elongated power phase provided by oval chainrings enables you to distribute effort more effectively, reducing the strain on particular muscle groups. As a result, you can tackle longer rides with greater comfort and sustain your energy levels for extended periods. You will soon notice the difference in your performance over long distances. 

Enhanced Torque Production 

ROTOR Aero Q RINGS enhance torque production during your pedal strokes. As you push through the extended portion of the oval, you can exert more force on the pedals. This comes especially handy during challenging climbs or when setting off from a standstill. The increased torque output complements your natural biomechanics, allowing you to overcome resistance more effectively and power through demanding sections of your route.

Fine-Tuning with Optimum Chainring Positions (OCP)

One of the standout features of fitting ROTOR Aero Q RINGS is the integration of the Optimum Chainring Position (OCP). This innovation lets you fine-tune the orientation of the chainrings to align precisely with the most productive part of your pedal stroke. Whether applying maximal force or aiming for a more fluid rotation, the OCP feature lets you personalize your cycling experience.  

You can set your ROTOR Aero Q-RINGS in one of 5 positions. This level of customization empowers you to extract optimal performance while minimizing unnecessary strain on your muscles. 

Ideal For Road Riding And Triathlon 

Carefully designed to be perfect for road and triathlon use.

ROTOR Aero Q RINGS On The Road 

ROTOR Aero Q RINGS enhance your road riding experiences. The oval design that characterizes these chainrings is pivotal in optimizing power delivery, especially during those demanding climbs where every watt counts. The enhanced torque production ensures you conquer inclines with greater ease, while the reduced muscular fatigue enables you to extend your journey, savoring every moment on the saddle.

If you use your bike for commuting, the extra torque provided by the oval chainring is advantageous when riding away from junctions and traffic lights. 

ROTOR Aero Q RINGS For Triathlon 

ROTOR Aero Q RINGS offer a competitive edge when exiting the transition, thanks to the improved power delivery. You also experience efficient energy usage, conserving your stamina for the ensuing run.

Better Aero Dynamics 

Beyond their intrinsic benefits, ROTOR Aero Q RINGS are meticulously designed to cut through the air. These chainrings reinforced rigidity and aerodynamic profile align seamlessly with your pursuits, minimizing drag and optimizing your efforts.  

Whether you're slicing through the wind on the open road or making swift transitions during a triathlon, the aerodynamic advantage of ROTOR Aero Q RINGS elevates your performance, giving you a competitive advantage. 

Exploring ROTOR Aero Q RINGS

There are three versions of the ROTOR Aero Q RINGS. Here is everything you need to know about each one: 

1. ROTOR Aero Q RINGS BCD130x5

· Weight: 181g (53/39T) 
· BCD: 130x5 
· Ovality: 10% 
· Material: 7075-T6 aluminum alloy, meticulously CNC-machined 
· Aero design: Enhanced rigidity and aerodynamics 
· Shifting Pins: Forged from steel 
· OCP: 5 OCP points 
· Outer Aero Sizes: 56T | 55T | 54T | 53T | 52T | 50T 
· Inner Sizes: 46T | 44T | 42T | 39T 

2. ROTOR Aero Q RINGS BCD110x5

· Weight: 173g (50/34T) 
· BCD: 110x5 
· Ovality: 10% 
· Material: 7075-T6 aluminum alloy, meticulously CNC-machined 
· Aero design: Enhanced rigidity and aerodynamics 
· Shifting Pins: Forged from steel 
· OCP: 5 OCP points (4 points in 50/34) 
· Outer Aero Sizes: 48AT | 50AT | 52AT | 53AT | 54AT | 55AT | 56AT 
· Inner Sizes: 34T |36T | 38T | 39T |42T 

3. ROTOR Aero Q RINGS BCD110x4

· Sizes: 56/44 | 55/44 | 55/42 | 54/44 | 54/42 | 54/39 | 53/39 | 52/36 | 50/34 
· BCD: 110x4 
· Weight: 155 g (50/34T) | 124 g (50T) | 30.5 g (34T) 
· Ovality: 12,5% 
· Chainline: 43.5 mm (using standard axle), 46 mm (using offset axle) 
· Material: 7075-T6 aluminum alloy 100% CNC-machined 
· Cranks compatible: All ROTOR cranks using spider BCD 110x4, All ROTOR cranks using INspider power meter, Shimano® Dura-Ace® FC-9100, Shimano® Ultegra® FC-8000 
· Groupsets compatible: Shimano® 11s & 10s, SRAM® 11s 
· Chains compatible: 11s chains 

The ROTOR Aero Q RINGS BCD110X5 and BCD130x5 are engineered for a high level of compatibility. They work seamlessly with ROTOR UNO 2x11s, Shimano 2x10s, Shimano 2x11s, and Sram 2x11s drivetrains. You can also use these products with 3D, 3D+, 3D24, 3D30, 3DF, and Flow crankset models. 

Final Thoughts On ROTOR Aero Q RINGS

Fitting your bike with a ROTOR Aero Oval Chainrings will amplify your riding endeavors. These innovative components align seamlessly with your goals. Whether grinding up a mountain col or cruising along scenic routes, oval chainrings harmonize your efforts, mitigate fatigue, and offer a performance-oriented advantage that benefits beginner riders and pros alike. 

Happy Riding #ROTORian