Carbon Cranks Benefits

April 3, 2023 828 view(s)

Carbon Cranks Benefits 

Carbon fiber is used for many different parts of a bike. Its properties are appealing to cyclists trying to improve their performance. So, in this article, we will highlight the benefit of carbon cranks. We will also discuss the disadvantages so you can weigh up the pros and cons and decide if carbon cranks are for you. 

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The Benefits Of Carbon Cranks 

Some cyclists swear by their carbon cranks. So let's take a look at the advantages carbon cranks offer. 

1. Lightweight 

Carbon fiber is a lightweight material; therefore, replacing aluminum components with carbon fiber versions is an excellent way to reduce the overall weight of your bike. Adding carbon cranks to your bike is a viable way of shaving some grams off your pride and joy. 

2. Carbon Is Very Stiff 

Carbon fiber is much stiffer than aluminum. Therefore carbon cranks offer more efficiency in your power transfer through the pedals. This is because they don't flex under stress like alloy cracks do, which negatively affects your efficiency.

3. Carbon Is Extremely Durable 

The cranks on your bike are positioned low down. Therefore they collect grime, dirt, and water from whatever surface you are riding on. This means they can be prone to corrosion and damage, limiting their lifespan. However, carbon fiber is highly durable, and it doesn't rust. This makes it an excellent material for cranks. Carbon cranks are also super tough, which means they can take heavy impacts before breaking; therefore, they are popular with mountain bikers who ride rocky terrain. 

4. Carbon Cranks Look Great

Many of us are looking for ways to make our already beautiful bikes look even more remarkable. And there's nothing quite like some extra carbon fiber to enhance the look of a bicycle. By fitting carbon cranks, you can refresh the look of your bike as they look much nicer than alloy cranks. If you want to make your bike look super nice, check out ROTOR cranksets for a great selection. 

The Disadvantages Of Carbon Cranks 

As with most things in life, nothing is perfect. Therefore, we will look at the downsides of fitting your bike with carbon cranks. 

1. They Are Expensive

When you compare the price of alloy cranks to carbon cranks, you will notice that they can be considerably more expensive. This is due to the manufacturing process and the benefits they bring. But unfortunately, the higher price may be a barrier to some cyclists, causing them to stick with alloy ones. 

2. The Can Be Fragile 

We mentioned earlier that carbon cranks are durable. However, they can be prone to damage from heavy impacts, especially on mountain bikes. The problem with damaging a carbon crank is that it will mean the end of your ride, which could be an issue if you're miles from home. However, an alloy crank is more likely to bend or dent rather than be completely destroyed, like a carbon crank. 

With this in mind, an alloy crank may get you home, even if you have to bash it with a rock to make it straight enough to ride with. 

3. Carbon Is Challenging To Repair 

If you are unfortunate enough to suffer a damaged carbon crank, fixing it may be incredibly challenging or impossible. 

Sometimes alloy cranks are repairable, which gives them a slight advantage over carbon cranks in this case. However, if you damage any crank, there's a good chance you will just replace it anyway. 

4. Compatibility Issues 

Before replacing your alloy cranks with carbon cranks, make sure the ones you buy are compatible with your bike. Some carbon cranks are incompatible with some types of bottom, brackets, or drivetrain components. Also, not all pedals can be used with carbon cranks. Therefore, it is essential that you check for compatibility unless you intend to change the other connecting components. 

Final Thoughts 

As you can see, fitting carbon cranks offers several advantages over alloy versions. They are lighter, stiffer, and more durable. However, they also cost more and require more maintenance, and you will want to avoid damaging them during your rides. 

With these factors in mind, you need to take into account your budget, the style of riding you do, and your personal preferences before fitting your bike with carbon cranks. But if you decide to bite the bullet and buy new cranks, check out Aldhu carbon cranksets in the ROTOR online store.