New INspider® MTB Shimano® Compatible

December 20, 2023 116 view(s)

New INspider® MTB Shimano® Compatible

Elevating Mountain Riding with Precision and Performance

ROTOR continues its legacy of innovation in cycling technology with the latest addition to the INSPIDER® MTB range: the INspider® MTB Shimano® Compatible. Renowned as one of the most sophisticated mountain power meters available, this cutting-edge device is now seamlessly integrated with Shimano MTB cranksets, including the XTR, XT, and SLX.

Engineering Marvel

The INspider® MTB Shimano® Compatible is a testament to ROTOR's commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation. Its competitive edge lies in the BCD 100, accommodating mountain chainrings, including oval ones, from 30T. This makes it one of the most versatile spider power meters on the market.

Feather Light and Durable

Crafted with precision from 7075-T6 aeronautical aluminium through CNC machining, this power meter is poised to revolutionize the mountain biking experience for cyclists of all levels. 

Weighing just 99g (excluding chainrings), this power meter boasts a racing aesthetic and off-road durability. Crafted to seamlessly integrate with your bike's components, it ensures a harmonious look while tackling the most challenging trails. The location on the spider minimizes the risk of damage from bumps or impacts, delivering a worry-free ride.

Extreme Conditions, Unmatched Precision

The INspider® MTB Shimano Compatible® defies the elements with an IP67 certification, offering resistance against dust, water, and mud. Its thermal compensation guarantees accuracy in temperatures ranging from -20ºC to 50ºC. 

Together with ROTOR's metrics, including OCA and OCP, the INspider® brings a new level of precision to your cycling experience. Multiple measurements per revolution ensure accurate data, even when conquering trails with the distinctive power transfer of Q RINGS oval chainrings. This synergy of extreme durability and precise metrics distinguishes the INspider® as a true trail pioneer, but this version of the INspider® MTB Shimano Compatible® is not supported to be configured.

ROTOR's Data and Connectivity Revolution

In addition to its rugged construction and weatherproof design, ROTOR's INspider® stands out for its advanced connectivity features. With ANT+™ and Bluetooth® Smart compatibility, this power meter integrates seamlessly into your cycling setup, keeping you connected and informed with real-time performance metrics.

Taking the cycling experience one step further, ROTOR introduces the ROTOR Power app. This easy-to-use app, available on Android and iOS, allows riders to set up custom data dashboards and graphs. It's more than capturing metrics; it's about understanding them. Share your achievements, customise your data and effortlessly keep up to date with firmware updates for your power meters, all conveniently in the palm of your hand.


ROTOR once again raises the bar for performance cycling with the INspider® MTB Shimano® Compatible. This lightweight, compact, and precise power meter, compatible with Shimano® cranks, is set to redefine the mountain biking landscape. As ROTOR continues its legacy of excellence, cyclists can now embark on their off-road adventures with a powerful companion that delivers on both form and function.

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