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Cycling with a power meter teaches you how to ride stronger, more consistently and allows for tracking, planning and training with specific focus on your unique needs and goals.

Get started in training with watts with INpower

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The component you can change most is yourself

Getting started training with watts helps you understand how to control the power you deliver in each pedal stroke and is the best improvement to go further and faster with less effort.

INpower is an easy to use solution to get started training with watts and has reliable axle integrated power measurement technology. Precisely record your power data to improve your cycling performance and reach your training goals.

The great cyclist you dream of is inside you

The watts metric gives us invaluable information for advanced performance to know the absolute truth as we modify our technique, bike position or components on our bicycle.

INspider is a reliable and intelligent spider based power meter that is easy to use and install for accurate measurement of watts without complications. Now you can record power data of the highest level on any bike and share the same power meter across all your bikes with ROTOR Modular cranks and chainrings.

Every watt counts

Pushing your physical and mental cycling limits to uncover your true potential can only be achieved with access to the best data and elite pro level equipment.

2INpower® ROAD is considered one of the most sophisticated power meters on the market and currently used by Professional Teams.

2INpower® is a reliable and consistent power meter and currently used by elite athletes across road, MTB, triathlon and cyclocross disciplines. Integrated crankset power measurement technology allows high-rate, precision recording of data via 4 sets of opposing gauges to measure left & right legs independently.


Pedal stroke improvement:

  • Optimize your pedaling biomechanics by viewing your pedaling technique
  • Improve the round shape of your pedal stroke by minimising the dead spots
  • Reduce the impact of negative force applied in your upstroke


Total Analysis

Enhance your performance and view data-rich analysis of your pedal stroke in each training and competition using the ROTOR power app.

Improve your pedalling style in real time and find the perfect position on the bike, always knowing with very accurate data to deliver your best performance. Connect to your cycling device or smartphone via Bluetooth® Smart or ANT+™. Analyse your pedalling performance with easy syncing to STRAVA® and TraingingPeaks®.

Identify your Optimum Chainring Position seeing where you apply most force in your pedal stroke and the angle it is centred, through the OCA metric.

Key Metrics

Optimum chainring angle
The OCA metric tells us the angle at which the distribution of the force applied during a complete pedal stroke is centred. It helps us identify our unique Optimum Chainring position to maximise efficiency and reduce the negative impact of dead spots.
Left/Right balance
Different leg lengths, hip disequilibrium or simply stronger/weaker muscles in one of your legs lead to left/right irregularities. By monitoring this metric over time we can understand better our unique biomechanics and is invaluable for early injury detection, prevention and recovery.
Torque effectiveness
Torque effectiveness gives you an idea of how much you pull during the upstroke. Low cadence pedalling especially on an uphill section usually leads to higher torque effectiveness values and the opposite with high cadence pedalling. It is calculated as the ratio of total torque versus positive torque.
Pedal smoothness
This function demonstrates the fluidity of your legs’ movement. It shows whether your pedal stroke is more round or piston like. It is simply the relation between average and maximal force during a pedal stroke, measured in percentages.
Torque 360
Helps you understand how you pedal with a real time visualization of how your force is applied to the pedal during the 360º of each rotation. Improve the round shape of your pedal stroke by minimising the dead spots.
Why use a power meter for cycling?

Cycling with a power meter teaches you how to ride stronger, more consistently and allows for tracking, planning and training with specific focus on your unique needs and goals. Measure your pedalling power with the power-to-speed ratio expressed in watts and get a constant reading of your power output based on torque, cadence and pedalling technique.

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How to improve your cadence with a powermeter
If you want to get the most out of your workouts, power meters are a fundamental tool to be able to control all parameters, not only power. If you also want to improve your pedalling cadence, then a power meter will help you analyze what your current pedal rhythm is, the watts you use, and how to improve pedalling efficiency.

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ROTOR power meter App
ROTOR power application shows 2INpower, INspider and INpower big data on your mobile device and allows you to analyze your performance, pedal stroke and post-process your ride. Track your ride with our three main App functions – RIDE, BASIC TRAINING MODE and TORQUE 360 mode. Show your power meter, heart rate monitor and GPS data in real time on your mobile device screen.

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Reasons to train with a power meter on MTB
Power meters have revolutionised the way profesional road racers train, they have been offering their full potential for years in mountain biking too. Using with a mountain bike with a power meter can allow us to train with more precision, much more so than using traditional methods such as heart rate monitors, and it will also provide us with detailed data captured during competition.

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2INpower or INpower? We explain the differences

The main difference between INpower and 2INpower, is that the 2INpower measures both legs independently. 2INpower® ROAD powermeter is considered one of the most sophisticated powermeters on the market and currently used by 2 World Tour Teams. INpower® Road accurately measures power from the left leg via the axle and multiplies it by two to provide total power data.

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«This is a dual-leg power meter, complete with its own mobile app, that can accommodate a range of chainrings in both 1x and 2x configurations. Rotor’s signature product, though, is its oval-shaped Q RINGS®»

Rob Reed – Forbes Magazine

«Having a true two-sided measurement
has been interesting and has shown on average that my left leg is 2 percent stronger than my right. It just works. Plain and simple»

Joe Norledge – BikeRadar