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fecha25th March 2022

Koga, the legendary Dutch bicycle manufacturer, has turned to ROTOR Bike Components to assemble one of the most special bikes in its gravel catalogue, Koga Colmaro Allroad LTD.

The Netherlands is one of those corners where, undoubtedly, an intense breeze of cycling is breathed. The bicycle is part of daily life for people, as a common vehicle around towns and cities, and as a sport. In this sense, cycling, especially road cycling or cyclocross, is understood almost as a true religion, like in neighbouring Belgium.

So it is not surprising that both European countries keep some of the continent’s most traditional bicycle brands. One of them is Koga, based in the city of Heerenveen, and where all kinds of bicycles are designed: urban, ebikes, touring, road, track, cyclocross… The Koga web catalogue deserves a visit.

Among all of them, one bike stands out above the rest, and not only because it’s a versatile and well-designed allroad gravel bike, also because it’s almost completely assembled with ROTOR Bike Components, specifically, with the ROTOR 1X13 groupset (in 12 speed configuration), hydraulic disc brakes, ROTOR ALDHU cranks and ROTOR Q RINGS single chainring. Let’s get to know the Koga Colmaro Allroad LTD a little better.

The Koga Colmaro Allroad LTD is based on a lightweight aluminium frame, with undeniable racing angles, and a carbon fiber fork that is responsible for filtering some of the small bumps on the ground, without losing a bit of control.

At the drivetrain, the ROTOR 1X13 groupset with 12 speed configuration, combined with an aluminium ROTOR ALDHU crankset and a single 42T ROTOR Q RINGS chainring (with 11-46T cassette), provides a wide range of speed options, as well as more efficient pedalling, thanks to the oval chainring.

These are not the only contributions made by ROTOR to the Koga Colmaro Allroad LTD, where the hydraulic technology of the Spanish brand once again plays an important role in disc brakes. Both, front and rear, with 160 mm, to be able to face the most demanding descents with full guarantees.

Gear and brake levers, also supplied by ROTOR, stand out for their ergonomics, in addition to being made of carbon fiber, which helps reduce the final weight of the bicycle a bit more. The weight, according to data from the Dutch brand, is approximately 8.8 kg. Not too bad for a bicycle in this category with an aluminium frame.

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