The perfect balance
between lightness,
precision and

1×13’s proven hydraulic technology gives you a super light ride with complete reliability as you rip through to the mud or pedal thousands of kilometers.

With 13 speeds you have more range when climbing, downhilling or on the flat with a choice of perfectly sequenced sprocket sizes to match your off-road riding style.

13 speeds for all terrains

True-Cadence cassette technology gives a massive gear range and an extra sprocket for all terrains.


CNC manufacturing precision gives you a super light ride for the most demanding off-road conditions.


1×13’s rear derailleur armoured box is totally sealed so water, mud and dust won’t impact your ride.

Low maintenance

Proven hydraulic technology means no changing cables or recharging batteries.

ROTOR 1×13 Mountain groupset includes a revolutionary rear derailleur, a choice of elite cassettes, 13 speed specific hubs and the world’s most sophisticated power meters, cranks and chainrings.

From cross-country to marathon riders, a groupset for every kind of trail.
The ROTOR 1×13 modular platform offers a flexible choice of components and sizing options so you choose the drivetrain set-up that best suits your riding style.

Optimised Gearing
1×13 delivers a bigger gear range and more gear choices compared to existing MTB 1×12 systems. With one additional sprocket you can close the gap in the high gears and ride at your optimal cadence.

Rear Derailleur

The rear-derailleur is the intelligent command center of the ROTOR 1×13 groupset.

Index Inside
Gear indexing is actuated inside the rear derailleur for fast, reliable and accurate shifting.

Armoured Box
Elegant and robust Armored Box structure to protect against all external elements, shocks and impacts.

Go to Origin
Press this button and shift directly to the smallest sprocket for faster wheel changeover. 

Quick Extract
Quick extract system to easily remove and re-install the rear wheel.

Pulse Hydraulics
Proven hydraulic technology means no changing cables or recharging batteries.

The Bolt
A simple and inmediate adjustor to work with 12-speed cassettes.

Weight for rear derailleur, shifter, uncut hoses and liquid: 439 g


Single Trigger Actuation
Shift up and down with only one trigger.

Optional trigger for more efficient shifting while downhilling.

Direct Mount
Clamp free attachment for better handlebar clearance and low weight.

1x chainring

Wide choice 1x sizes to choose the perfect set-up for the terrain you ride.

Optimised tooth profiling for fast and precise shifting experience.

Maximise your pedalling power output with our emblematic Q RINGS®.


Select from a wide choice of elite performance cranks and power meters.

Modularity allows you select the perfect crank length, chainring, axle or spider combination

Easily install or switch out elements with a simple assembly system.

13s cassette

True Cadence
Data driven gearing with a closer progressive sequence in the first seven sprockets and greater increments of range in the six larger sprockets.

Incredibly lightweight
Unified structure with minimum weight for high performance precision cassette.

Optimised profiling of cassette teeth for a fast and precise gear shifting.

Cassette Sizes: 10-52 (331g) / 10-46 (304g) / 10-39 (247g) / 10-36 (243g)


In both thirteen and twelve speed formats, 1×13 groupset works with standard 12-speed chains. For this reason we have chosen the market leader KMC X12. 

Market leading high performance KMC X12 chain.

Long Lasting
Extremely durable with quick assembly.

126 links weighing in at 269 g.

13s Hub & Wheels

We designed a 13 speed specific hub by restructuring the spacing of the hub complying with disc brake frame standards.

Superior hubs with lightweight and high performance, built to last a lifetime.

11s / 12s HG compatible. 

MTB Kits

Choose your 1×13 groupset kit and customise your gearing sizes to best suit your cycling needs:

1X13 Mountain Performance

For competitive riders who track their performance and that are looking for climbing capacity with a lightweight cassette with an extra sprocket.

Including Rear derailleur, shifter, 2INpower MTB crankset, 13 speed cassette, 13 speed hub (optional), 1x Chainring, 12s Chain.

1X13 Mountain Superlight

For high performance riders who want a super light ride for high-speed, technical descents and an extra sprocket for climbing.

Including Rear derailleur, shifter, KAPIC Carbon, 13 speed cassette, 13 speed hub (optional), 1x Chainring, 12s Chain.

1X13 Ready (12s)

For cyclists who want to upgrade their current transmission with a lightweight, reliable hydraulic system.

Including Rear derailleur, shifter, KAPIC crankset, 12 speed cassette, 1x Chainring, 12s Chain.

12s Options

Simply purchase our 1×13 shifting set, including rear derailleur and shifter, to upgrade your current 12s transmission to our reliable hydraulic system.

Our 1×12 options are the entry point to the ROTOR 1×13 platform without having to change your current 10s / 11s hubs and wheels. You can easily upgrade your groupset with 13s cassette and wheels at a later stage.

Cassette Sizes: 11-52 (324g)/ 11-46 (294g) / 11-39 (235g) / 11-36 (230g)